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Sweet on your feet,

and on the Earth

Lessen the load to landfills

New Zealand alone sends 2.5 Million Tonnes of waste to landfills each year*. This ridiculous amount has us remember that with every purchase, comes its packaging, the product and a problem.



*stat according to

Keeping quality in circulation

Every rug we clean, cut, edge and send to you comes from a home - meaning all our products are recycled with intentions to be re-loved. On average these carpets have been cruising on the floors of Aotearoa homes for around 60 years, proving their quality quite simply by still being.

"Thankyou so much for the speedy and careful service delivery and customer  care for my new purchase. Absolutely thrilled with it. Right size and gorgeous match with some of my treasured mid century pottery pieces. Many thanks. 


- Megan 

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