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Everything You Need to Know

What should I know before purchasing a Mumma Jo's Rug?

We adore Axminster carpet and have spent much time preparing them for your whare and your whanau, here are a few important notes:

  • These rugs are 100% Axminster Wool, created with love, character and the environment all in mind.

The beauty and character of these stunning pieces comes from the decades of stories, times passed and footsteps danced upon them.

  • Due to the nature of thick wool, the edges can be slightly irregular in size but we believe it’s all an aspect of bespoke vintage ( That we adore! ). 

  • Some of our mats are over 30 years old, meaning they can be worn in areas and the colours can vary – we try our best to match the description with what you are receiving. 

  • These mats are for someone who wants an original piece of retro art that comes with history and character, not someone who wants a first hand new carpet.

  • Our kaupapa involves minimal excess and focusing on creating with materials that already exist – an environmental act of love. We hope you feel it. 

  • If your dream is to lay these on uncarpeted floors, we recommend rubber underlay underneath your rug to prevent slipping. If you would like this added to your rug purchase, we can provide this for an extra fee. 

  • We price our mats accordingly based on their size condition and do our best to remain fair and informative.

We love the story-beholden beauty of these unique floor pieces and hope that you adore them too. These are all timeless pieces of art.

Can I have a Mumma Jo's rug custom-made ?

Yes! Our minimum order requirement for a custom piece is $300. 

This is how it generally plays out:

1. Send us a message to detailing your dream rug / rugs . Include ideal colourings, vibe, size, it's destination. You may even wish to include photos. 

2. We will get back to you with some options for you to choose from. Sizes, available patterns, Edging colour. 

3. You may press Go! Once the dream rug design is confirmed we will notify you of wait time & put it in the production line. and ask for payment in full. 

4. The Rug Angels get to work

5. Your rug will be shipped to you free of charge.  (+$15 for Rural)

6. A Dream, one-off, heritage rug lives happily ever after under your loving toes. . 

Can we hire Mumma Jo's Rugs for our event?

Yes! Mumma Jo's rugs have graced the aisles of Newly-wed dreams. . . Festival Dance-floors and Gallery launch evenings. They are a foundational centre-piece to designing a bespoke event or function space. As well as a flirtatious decor-touch these rugs are great insulators and significantly help with sound echo in a space. Get in touch.

Do you offer gift cards?

Sure thing! We know that the unique character of each rug speaks to everyone of us in different ways. If someone you know would love a piece of Mumma Jo's charm in their home or workplace, we would be honoured to write a gift voucher to your preferred value.

What is your return policy?

We dream of happy families for our rugs all over Aotearoa!

However; if your rug is faulty, or not quite right, please flick us a message as soon as the rug is received. 

Please include your phone number and details of concern and we would love to give you a ring. 

We aim to remedy your concern with ease. If we can fix your rug, we will! If the rug truly doesn’t suit your space - let’s chat. 

In unsatisfactory circumstances we will happily refund your rug and ask that you return the rug to us. 

If the fault is ours; we have horribly integral consciences and you can be sure we will smother you with love, remorse and an easy return/refund. 

If the return is based on a matter of taste; we may be happy to refund the cost of the rug however we ask that the buyer cover return shipping costs. 

Please note:

We do not provide returns and refunds for sale rugs or pieces under $100 - Unless they are faulty. 

Will a used vintage-carpet rug be clean ?

Each mat has had a deep shampoo and is water blasted three times ensuring they are as clean as possible for your home. It would be impossible to claim whether they came from a pet free, smoke free home – but we can guarantee that they have been deep-cleaned.

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