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Mumma Jo's

We rescue your Nans carpet from landfill.

We aim to lessen the load to landfills by recycling Axminster Wool carpets. Sourced from homes all throughout Aotearoa, this cycle keeps quality products in circulation and gorgeous vintage pieces continued for generations.

Mumma Jo's is deeply rooted in the philosophies of Timeless style, beautiful vintage and zero-waste. 

We create iconic retro rugs out of 100% wool axminster carpet. 

Mumma Jo's is a merchant for lovingly crafted statement pieces for your home, hallway, event or business. 

These unique floor coverings exude nostalgic warmth and behold the integrity of a well-thought out production, supply and end-of-life plan. Mumma Jo's legacy lives in redeeming high quality existing materials and breathing new style and vitality into them for us all to inherit for lifetimes to come. 


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